Put each of the following verbs into either the past simple or present perfect.

  1. Jack (live) in Boston for the past 15 years.
  2. Janet (work) for Smith and Brothers before she came to work for us.
  3. Dad (you/finish) reading the paper yet?
  4. I would love to visit Prague sometime. Unfortunately, I (be/never) there.
  5. Peter (play) Tennis for five years when he (be) at school.
  6. Jane: Can you help me? I(finish) my homework, but I still don't understand number 7.
  7. I (work) in Italy for 5 years. I (begin) work as soon as I arrived.
  8. I'm afraid I'm not hungry. I (eat/already).
  9. When Jack was at school, he (learn) to play the saxophone. He (play) it ever since.
  10. Could you give me some advice? I (buy) this sweater at Macy's. Do you think I should take it back?
  11. Maria lives in Boston. Before she (move)here, she (live) in Seattle for 3 years.
  12. Peter (go) to Paris last year. That means that he (be) to Paris 3 times!
  13. Just a moment! I (think) of a good idea yet!
  14. Maria (believe) that for ages!
  15. How long (you/live) there before coming here?