Future Forms Quiz

Choose the correct future form to complete the sentences below. Once you have decided on your answer, click on the arrow to check your answer.
I'm hungry - Oh, I (make) you a sandwich.
He (study) Law at UCLA next year.
Oh darling! I love you so much, (you/marry) me?
The flight (leave) at 8 p.m.
Look at those clouds! It (rain) any minute.
Jack (meet) Tom tomorrow afternoon.
I think he (be) very successful.
When (visit) me next year?
Class (begin) at 9, it (begin) at 10.
As soon as she arrives in Dallas she (give) you a call.
Look at those clouds on the horizon! It is (rain) soon.
Who do you think (win) the next national elections?
We are (fly) to Austin next week for a meeting with the advisory board.
I promise you: I (finish) my homework on time next week.
I'll take this letter to the post office when I (go) into town this afternoon