Prepositional Phrase Reference

Here is a reference sheet of some of the most common prepositional phrases arranged by preposition:

at first
at least
at most
at times
at any rate
at last
at the latest
at once
at short notice
at an advantage
at a disadvantage
at risk
at a profit / loss
by accident
by far
by all means
by heart
by chance
by and by
by the way
by the time
by no means
by name
by sight
by now
by then
for now
for instance
for example
for sale
for a while
for the moment
for ages
for a change
for better or worse
from now on
from then on
from bad to worse
from my point of view
from what I understand
from personal experience
under age
under control
under the impression
under guarantee
under the influence of
under obligation
under no obligation
under suspicion
under his thumb
under discussion
under consideration
without fail
without notice
without exception
without someone's consent
without success